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Fast and secure VPN
ExpressVPN is a virtual private network service provider for Windows users. With a range of servers spread across the globe, the software offers high-end performance and speed. It uses OpenVPN protocol as well as 256-bit encryption to ensure that your IP address and browsing history are always secure. The company doesn’t record any logs and has its headquarters in a privacy-friendly country. Reliable and safe, ExpressVPN is also available for download on Android, iOS, and Mac devices.

Express Vpn Apk Download android

What is ExpressVPN?
When you’re connected to the internet via a public network, anyone can easily get access to your personal information. However, when you use a virtual private network (VPN), your IP address gets masked and all your online actions remain anonymous. With its help, you can encrypt your web traffic, such that even your internet service provider (ISP) can’t track or sell your browsing history.

After you download ExpressVPN, you can expect maximum security and fast speed. The company doesn’t keep any logs to ensure that your privacy remains yours. Moreover, ExpressVPN has over 3000+ servers that keep you protected and remove restrictions so you can access content from anywhere around the world. The app also comes with a kill switch for when you lose a VPN connection.

Comes with an easy-to-use interface
Once installed, the ExpressVPN Windows application opens to a simple interface. You can easily connect to the internet from the main window using a large button. Disconnecting is just as easy. Once a private connection gets established, the software shows shortcuts to different apps and websites. You can choose to get rid of the shortcuts or edit them as per your preference.

Another window on the application lets you search and sort through different available servers. While the app does offer a list of recommended servers, it also consists of a speed test so users can find a server that suits them best. You can even create a list of preferred servers for quick access to the internet or find a trusted server using the search button.

Protects user identity
When you download ExpressVPN, you can count on remaining anonymous. Not only does the company have its headquarters in a pro-privacy country, but it also offers unlimited bandwidth and allows torrenting on all servers. It doesn’t keep any logs of users. To protect users from any further leaks, Express VPN owns DNS on every single server. Doing this provides you with added security while increasing performance and speed.

Offers high-end encryption
ExpressVPN protects user privacy by using numerous security protocols. While the app supports the use of L2TP/IP, PPTP, and TCP, the default protocol is set to OpenVPN UDP for optimal speed. However, when you’re connected to the internet, the application selects the best protocol for a secure and uninterrupted connection.

Additionally, the software uses 256-bit AES encryption, which is known to offer high-end security for all data transfers, including P2P file sharing. This means that you remain anonymous even while you’re downloading torrents. The app also uses a shared key such that both sender and receiver of any download can verify whether or not someone has tampered with the file.

Packed with advanced features
ExpressVPN comes with a Network Lock feature which blocks all traffic the moment you drop your VPN connection. Enabled by default, this feature keeps your location hidden and your connection private. Split browsing is another feature that stands out. As the name suggests, the feature lets you encrypt just part of your traffic, so you can browse with and without a VPN, at the same time.

Offers 24/7 customer support
One of the best aspects about ExpressVPN is that it comes with a live chat function. Customer support agents are available 24/7 and walk users through the most technical issues without any trouble. Moreover, if you run into any difficulty, you can get quality help almost instantly, with no waiting required.

Is ExpressVPN free?
No. ExpressVPN is not free. It does, however, offer three different payment plans for its VPN services. Once you buy a plan, you get access to high-speed and unlimited bandwidth, as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee. Moreover, you only need one subscription of ExpressVPN for all your devices.

Is ExpressVPN a good VPN?
According to the privacy policy provided by ExpressVPN, the company doesn’t keep any connection or activity logs of its users. This includes your web traffic, browsing history, IP address, session duration, as well as any DNS queries. Since only the information provided during sign up gets collected and stored, ExpressVPN is quite safe and considered a reliable VPN.

Can ExpressVPN be traced?
ExpressVPN uses RAM only servers that get wiped every time the servers reboot, ensuring the removal of any hidden malware that can allow for tracing or hacking. Additionally, the company uses unique cryptographic keys for all its servers. By doing this, it makes hacking or server impersonation harder for attackers.

Should I download Express VPN?
To enjoy content without any restrictions or censorship, you should download ExpressVPN. The software provides high-end security while removing all region-related locks. It also has a wide range of servers spread across the globe. The program helps establish an encrypted connection quickly and without any interruptions.

Additionally, ExpressVPN doesn’t record any logs and allows torrenting on all its servers. It hides your IP address and network data with just a single click. And in case your VPN connection drops, it automatically blocks all traffic. Therefore, if you’re looking to hide your activity from prying eyes, do give ExpressVPN a try!

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